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Everyone can play theater! No matter what age or background; I will create a workshop around your ideas and requests with different theater methods. You want to make a play or just get the experience of playing theater? Everything is possible! You need an actress for an event or a play? I have experience in playing on stage, in front of a camera or as a performer.


Are you looking for Jazz or Hip Hop Dance instructor for beginners and advanced students of all ages? Dance and movement theater combines two wonderful techniques which are much more similar than it seems. Pair acrobatic movements help to free participants from fears of body contact and create confidence. I love to share my knowledge with other passionate dancers and love to learn new styles.


Art is life and passion. As an artist I like to create art together with the group on stage. The stage is a platform where it's possible to talk about important topics and to find an aesthetic way to transport information. I love to combine my passion for visual arts with theater or dance.


After reaching my graduate degree in education/theater pedagogy at the University of Osnabrück in Germany I now work as a freelanced theater- and dance instructor, actress and artist. Beside my education I improved my skills by attending a student exchange program with the largest Swedish speaking UAS in Finland: Novia University. In the past I have also co-founded the musical company called “musicalCOM” in Nürnberg, Germany, which vision is to work with motivated amateurs in the areas of acting, singing and dancing on stage, and the free theater group “TheaterElement”. How can you tell stories without words? In our society verbal communication is highly important, which is why I am interested in how we can communicate with the body alone. Mimic art, gestures and body movement build the foundation of my profession. I was able to expand my experiences by working with various groups from little children over teenagers to adults, but also refugees and multicultural groups. My focus is always on the individuals, their abilities and their possibilities to develop their movement skills.


  • 2010 foundation of musicalCOM and directing the musical “Welcome to the show”
  • 2012 Theaterpedagogy studies at Hochschule Osnabrück, Germany
  • 2014 creating the dance acrobatic show “Mondwende”
  • 2015 Exchange at Novia Scenkonst Vaasa, Finland
  • Since 2013 dance teacher at TPZ Lingen, Germany
  • Since 2016 theater and dance freelancer at Kreativ Haus Münster, Germany
  • 2016 foundation of TheaterElement and directing and playing “Die besten Beerdigungen der Welt”
  • 2017 membership and work for “Mensch: Theater!”

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